The Luxury Travel Companion

Have you ever wished for a method of cheating your way around travel planning? One of the most time-consuming parts of planning a trip is going through the endless travel guides, recommendations and reviews and that’s just the initial stages. Concierge services were once considered a service reserved for the most elite within society. Now they have become an integral part of the organisation of our daily lives. With the winter season fast approaching and holiday stresses setting in, an introduction to travel concierge services may be just the thing to help relieve your cold weather worries.

What is a travel concierge? For those unfamiliar with the service, it starts with the initial planning process right through to your return home. Quintessentially Lifestyle offer a bespoke travel concierge service. Their Lifestyle Managers work to become your point of contact for everything you need regarding your trip. Quintessentially Lifestyle is a global company with teams of professional all over the world, they take on the work of sifting through the many hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants and more in each destination.

passportA travel service will have your hotel pre-booked accompanied by an itinerary of reservations and events that may be of interest to you. These plans can range from highly detailed to very loose, depending on your preferences.

Those who prefer to live their vacations one day at a time can use the travel concierge as an on-call guide to their country of choice. Looking for a restaurant recommendation? Need a list of events occurring in the area? What about a bar or club with just the right night-time atmosphere? Concierge companies have dedicated experts to offer the best recommendations to suit their members.

Travel concierge services aren’t for everyone, some people enjoy organising trips away, for those who don’t have the time, concierge services could be the solution you’re looking for.