The Pan Am Experience takes you back to America’s favorite 1960’s airline

The swinging sixties gave us any number of pop culture icons, but did you ever think that an airline might be one of them? Indeed Pan American World Airways, known the world over simply as Pan Am is one of the most iconic airlines in aviation history. The airline (which was in the limelight in 2011 thanks to a short lived TV series) is once again a source of fascination, this time for its memorable meals and ambience reimagined as the Pan Am Experience- a four-hour simulated flight on an exact replica of a Boeing 747.

Complete with authentic decor, Sleeperette seats and flight attendants wearing crisply pressed forty-year old uniforms, the Pan Am Experience aims to be as authentic as possible. Located at Air Hollywood, an aviation-themed movie studio, this plane transforms into a Pan Am flight every other Saturday and guests can enjoy personalized passenger greetings and a gourmet four-course meal including dishes like shrimp cocktail, tomato and mozzarella drizzled with a pesto glaze, Chateaubriand carved from the trolley, Roasted Chicken with Peppercorn sauce and pasta entrees for the vegetarians. Each meal comes with garden fresh vegetables and roasted potatoes.

The experience is priced at $345, which is steep considering your plane will never take off the ground! But it seems to be popular nonetheless as the flight experience is already sold out until July. If you’re a Pan Am fanatic, don’t worry Air Hollywood will announce a new set of Saturday dates on Friday, April 17.

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