The Space Glass, a whisky glass for microgravity, just made space-travel intoxicating

Yes, the human race will soon be travelling to space more often. Some of us will be privileged enough to be spending our holidays visiting extraterrestrial planets too. Given the fact that space travel could soon be a commercialized dream, it’s only fair that somebody decided to come up with a whisky glass that can bear with microgravity scenarios. After all, it’s important for us to carry our whisky to space, right? Called the Space Glass, for extremely obvious reasons, this one’s a whisky glass designed to keep your Ballantine’s or Johnnie Walker in place, this glass is made from 3D-printed rose gold and 3D-printed plastic.

The rose gold “weight” is in the bottom of the glass maybe extremely pretty to look at, but is more than just a touch of eye-candy. The spiral rose-gold increases surface tension, keeping the whisky in the reservoir in the bottom of the glass in microgravity. The makers of the glass used 3D printing to keep up with the futuristic theme, since it’s a new technology. Quoting James Parr of the Open Space Agency, who directed the creation of the Space Glass, “”We are using inertia and the notion that the whisky will stay at rest while the bottle and the glass is moved around the resting liquid.”
microgravity whisky glass 2

[Via – Cnet]

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