The spookiest AirBnb ever – A stay in a Paris catacomb with 6 million skeletons

Airbnb are surely on a mission to change the way we holiday! From staying in a plane-turned-into-hotel to sleeping inside the Galeries Lafayette, the company is now offering its guests – its brave guests – the opportunity to spend Halloween in a Parisien catacomb. A catacomb that is home to six million skeletons!

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If this is your kind of holiday, there is lot more on offer with a private tour of the labyrinth of bones, a daunting dinner experience to the sound of violins and some bone-chilling bedtime stories to maximize the horror-levels. The guests will also have the chance to stay alongside the remains of fabulist Jean de la Fontaine, Charles Perrault and François Rabelais. Yay?
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Guests now have the opportunity to win a one-night stay at the terror room. To enter, hopefuls must submit 100 words in French or English on ‘what makes them brave’, before October 20.
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According to The Guardian, Airbnb paid up to €350,000 ($402,023) to privatize the tunnels on October 31 – which are visited by more than 500,000 people a year.

[ Via : Inhabitat ]

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