The top 10 airlines for 2017 according to Travel and Leisure

Singapore Airlines has been named the world’s best airline by US publication Travel + Leisure. The airline has bagged the decorated first rank over the past 21 years. Research is of course based on a host of factors and variants, targeting the overall travel experience.

Just to update you, Singapore airlines flies to 62 destinations in 32 countries across five continents. “Singapore Airlines continues to innovate and perfect the art of flying well. Readers hail its leading premium-economy cabin, calling it akin to flying business-class service on lesser carriers,” wrote the magazine.

While Emirates and Qatar rank second and third respectively, Doha comes in fourth. We’re not entirely surprised that the first few ranks have been held by the Middle Eastern lot. They have been highly rated by passengers over the recent few years. Unfortunately, no Indian air carriers could make it to the list.

10. Eva Air
9. All Nippon Airways
8. Korean Air
7. Air New Zealand
6. Virgin Atlantic
5. Japan Airlines
4. Cathay Pacific
3. Qatar Airways
2. Emirates
1. Singapore Airlines


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