The top floor of the Eiffel Tower will finally reopen next week after Covid closure

It’s time to rejoice as the monument of love is all set to open doors again! After being closed amid the frenzy of the pandemic, the Eiffel Tower will be reopened next week to the public. However, it will not resume complete operations and will initially welcome only a limited number of visitors each day.

Considering social distancing norms, elevators inside the 324-meter-tall wrought-iron tower will not be operational and only the first and second floors will be made accessible to the public. Visitors will further be required to wear face masks and adhere to crowd control measures as required.

Commenting on it, Victoria Klahr, the spokeswoman for the tower’s management in a statement said, “At first, only visits by the stairs will be available,” She further added, “We are optimistic that visitor numbers will pick up, even if it will likely be local tourists who visit the monument in the first weeks.”

The tower’s 104-day closure is said to be its longest since World War II, having attracted losses to the tune of €27 million or $30 million. Prior to the pandemic, the monument received about seven million visitors a year, a number that rapidly diminished over the past few months. Well, here’s hoping for the tourism industry in Paris and across the globe to recover at the earliest!

[Via: Malay Mail]

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