The Ultimate Camping Tour Around Iceland

Iceland by campervan
If you ever only go on one camping trip in your life, let it be in Iceland. The stunning nature, the surreal sites not to mention the very accommodating roads and campsites in Iceland will make it the best adventure you will ever embark on. There are many alternatives when it comes to deciding on which camping tour is the most preferable one for you. It all really comes down to what you would like to experience this time around and what you will save for next time, because there will be a next time. Even though it is completely possible to almost explore the entire island in one go, making sure that you have enough time to simply enjoy nature and not rush, is perhaps one of the most important decisions you can make. One great way to make this the perfect road trip and save money in the process, is to rent a campervan and drive yourself. Renting a campervan in Iceland is the perfect way of experiencing the island to the fullest. You are not restricted by time schedules set by someone else, there is no rush when it comes to finding the perfect spot to sleep for the night and best of all, should you decide that you want to be spontaneous and completely shift your course, then that’s no problem. This beautiful country has it all and the Iceland camper rental business is thriving, making it easy to find reliable rental companies for when you want to find the perfect vehicle. One of the best choices for finding the best campervan on your next Icelandic travel adventure is Campervan Reykjavik.

The best choice of vehicle
At Campervan Reykjavik you will be able to find the perfect campervan for your pending road trip in Iceland. Depending on when you go, if it’s during the summer months or in the winter, you will need a different set of wheels for each time. Deciding on which campervan to rent is crucial as the Icelandic weather and roads are notoriously difficult if not prepared correctly. By using a car rental service such as Campervan Reykjavik you will be able to have all the information you need with regards to staying safe on the roads. Opt for a campervan that allows for maximum comfort and security. Make sure you have the proper add-ons such as Wi-Fi and GPS. Bring an additional tent and sleeping bag when camping if you want to keep your options open and ask for practical information such as how fuelling the car works, which campsites are the easiest to manoeuvre, where the nearest grocery stores are located etc. The campervan rental company will also assist in providing information on pick-up and drop off sites as well.

Suggestions for a 4-day camping tour

Day 1 – Pick up your campervan in Reykjavik and make the capital your base. Then head to Gullfoss Waterfall before descending upon the geothermal area of Geysir. Continue along Iceland’s Ring Road and you will find the black sand beaches of Reynisfjara on the South Coast. Make sure to not miss Skógafoss or the village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur. After this first full day, find a nice campsite and park your campervan. Enjoy the immediate surroundings or hike for a while.

Day 2– Already being on the South Coast of Iceland means that your road trip can continue to one of Iceland’s National Parks. In this case, Skaftafell Nature Reserve. While here you should definitely visit “The Crown Jewel of Iceland”, Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon as well as make sure to take in the “the Diamond Beach”. Visit another one of the quaint villages nearby or simply set up camp and explore the surroundings.

Day 3 – The third day of your journey will entail a visit to Europe’s most powerful waterfall, Dettifoss. Walk through steaming lava fields before venturing into Grjótagjá hot spring cave. Nothing for the faint of hearts but a stunning site all the same. The stunning scenery you find here is one of the main reasons to visit Iceland. There is no end to the diversity of this masterful landscape and you will be hard pressed not to be overwhelmed by it all.

Day 4 – Day 4 of your campervan tour around Iceland still has you in the Mývatn region. Visit “The Waterfall of the Gods”, Goðafoss as well as the rest of the area, created in a volcanic eruption over 2,000 years ago. The Dimmuborgir lava field is an epic sight and even though hiking around this area might be a little difficult, it is still worth the effort. Visit Akureyri, “the Capital of the North”, at the end of the day before turning in for the evening.

The land of the Midnight Sun never disappoints and when you find yourself back in Reykjavik after this 4-day camping tour you will have seen some of what this great island has to offer. Spend at least 24 hours in Reykjavik before heading back home and you will have completed a tour of a lifetime.

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