The ultimate guide to a luxurious getaway on the Greek Islands

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Greece and the Greek Islands have long been desirable locations, with their luscious summers and beautiful scenery almost unrivaled anywhere in the world. In the mid-1950s the country began to welcome 33,000 tourists per year to the mainland as well as the islands. By 1960, this had begun to rise at an incredible rate, around 1,098%, before reaching its highest level of 33 million visitors in 2018. The travel and tourism industry makes up one-fifth of the Greek economy which has roughly 759,000 travel and tourism jobs as of 2020. This influx of tourists helps provide €14.8 billion for the nation’s GDP.

The Greek Islands provide a perfect setting for travelers on all budgets, but to see and experience everything these enchanting islands have to offer they must be experienced in the luxury the culture provides. Each hotel and villa has been created with the environment in mind, ensuring they have some of the most spectacular views in the world. Peace and tranquility can be found as well in the charming or modern hotels located in some of the more vibrant towns.

First-class tickets from the United States will start from around $15,000 to arrive in perfect comfort and ensure you are well prepared for the time ahead of you in these wonderful islands. Across the Greek Islands, being such popular destinations, there are plenty of places separated for those with the means to enjoy exquisite luxury.


Katkies Hotels offer five-star hotels in the Greek Islands, providing the perfect base to your holiday. There are an abundance of beautiful locations which provide both luxury and total comfort, with the most incredible views that will stay with you forever. With hotels averaging from around €556 per night, you should be able to find the perfect venue.

Life in the Greek Islands can bring you peace and tranquility while providing so many options for ways to spend your time with each providing its own slice of luxury and perfection. There are 227 inhabited islands to choose from, including Crete, Rhodes and Zante, but below are three of our favorites.

A perfect destination for honeymooners and first-timers to the Greek Islands with so much to enjoy under the beautiful Mediterranean skies.

Staying with Katkies Santorini enables visitors to enjoy the serenity of the landscape, as well as the discretion and the bliss of the luxury. The modern perspective and the subtle aesthetic balance add a real touch of class, while those who opt for a more lively and fun holiday experience will find exactly what they are looking for at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Santorini, the ideal setting for everyday summer partying.

A perfect way to spend your time on the island will always include the Catamaran cruises that take in the Nea Kamani Springs. You can take the daytime or evening cruises, taking in the beaches as well as the caldera (sunken volcanic crater).

The white and red beaches are perfect places for relaxation as well as snorkeling and swimming to immerse yourself in the aquatic beauty. The Caldera is also most profound at sunset and one to enjoy on Santorini’s selection of high-end yachts and catamarans.

From just $147 dollars per person, the cruises ensure a limited capacity to provide its guests with a more personal and intimate experience.

There is also the six-hour personal luxury tour available for those who wish to be guided by experts of the land. At just $200 per person, you can experience the island from a luxury air-conditioned vehicle and be guided to all the most dramatic and fascinating sights Santorini has to offer.

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Corfu is the cosmopolitan capital of the Greek Islands and home to the clashes of cultural influences of the Venetian, British, and French. With some of the best beaches in Europe, it is also an island of lush green landscapes and natural beauty.

The UNESCO world heritage site of its Old Town is something that can be fully experienced in true comfort with its luxurious tourism options. Tours will be delivered in private vehicles to the Achilleion Palace, home of the artwork of Greek hero Achilles, along with ventures through the Old Town and Kanoni districts. These luxury tours including sea cruises often start from $400 and are well worth the chance to see Corfu from land and sea.

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When stepping off the land and enjoying the calm blue ocean, there are a number of luxury yachts available for cruises, completely private to small groups. Watch the city from the sea, take in its sights from afar and relax under the warm sun. Prices for these cruises often start at around $400 for three to eight hours at a time.

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A destination for the rich, famous, and royal. Mykonos has over 30 beaches to choose from, all as beautiful as the next. While there are the southern beaches, flocked to by celebrities, for the access to many activities like sailing and jet skiing along with the amazing restaurants and bars on offer, there are also more calming areas to Mykonos.

Spilia Restaurant is a renowned destination for traditional Mediterranean cuisine which includes freshly caught fish from the ocean just meters away. On the edge of the rocks by Kalafatis beach, the tables enjoy beautiful ocean views while guests enjoy the finest and freshest lobster, mussels, and whatever the fresh catch of the day maybe.

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The ocean and the beautiful landscape provide the bliss that visitors to the Greek Islands will become overwhelmed by. Each island has its own charm and reason to be visited, and each will offer the chance to tour by boat meaning for those with an adventurous spirit you don’t have to just remain on the one you arrived on.

With the incredible array of luxury accommodations and guided tours, the Greek Islands bring some of the most attractive destinations that can be experienced in so many different ways. Whatever drives your pleasure, and however you like to spend your time away, there is an abundance of options available to you all set upon the enchanting backdrops of the Greek Islands.

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