The World’s Most Expensive honeymoon is a $260,000, uber luxe African adventure

If last year, you had ace cricketer Jonty Rhodes telling you how to sunny it up in the top hotels of South Africa, this year, it seems a holiday operator might’ve successfully one-upped him. Tailor-made safari expert, Discover Africa has combined the luxury of exclusive hotels with the best of African adventure. And in a manner fit to be called not just the perfect honeymoon but also the world’s most expensive!

worlds-expensive-honeymoon-2So what makes the world’s most expensive honeymoon? Let’s see. Helicopter rides over Cape Town, Table Mountain, and the 12 Apostles, stay in a penthouse on the city’s exclusive V&A Waterfront, for starters. Then “safari” being the unwritten middle name of the leading operators, the experience is bound to include a number of private safaris, visiting a Masai village, and exploring the Serengeti.

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worlds-expensive-honeymoon-3And if this wasn’t already enough to bring your better half closer to you than ever, avail extras such as a Swarovski NC2 night vision telescope ($8,000), or the exotic Kopi Luwak coffee (about $120 per pound). So how much is the actual honeymoon then, you ask? A whopping, yet worthwhile (we’re guessing) $260,000! Although, if you’re an Africa-tripping family of four, you might want to check if the Million Dollar Safari is still available!

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