The World’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Public Toilets

5. Roadside Reststop Akkarvikodden, Lofoten, Norway
Architects Manthey Kula designed the public toilets along one of Norway’s tourist routes. The facility is for summer use only and not insulated.

4. Kumutoto, Wellington, New Zealand
Resembling giant sea monsters, these public toilets are located at the Synergy Plaza in the Kumutoto Precinct of Wellington’s waterfront, in New Zealand. The design comprises of elongated tails to promote natural ventilation. The iconic structure pays homage to region’s maritime history.

3. Toilet, Mount McKinley, Alaska
Perched 14,200 feet up Alaska’s Mount McKinley, the unit is surrounded by nothing other than ice and snow. This by far is the coolest toilet on the list.

2. Toilet, King’s Trail, Sweden
The toilet for hikers passing through the Kungsleden or ‘The King’s Trail’ his located in the heart of the wilderness and the beauty of Lapland.

1. Restroom in The Shoji Tabuchi Theatre, Missouri, USA
The bathrooms inside The Shoji Theatre won The Best Bathroom in USA back in 2009. The women’s restroom has a fountain, wainscoting, stained glass decor, flowers, rocking chair and chandelier. The Mens room is also quite a stunner with black lion head sinks, burled walnut mirror, black leather chairs and a marble fireplace and hold your breath! It even has a hand-carved billiard table. The bathroom sure has got serious royal treatment.

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