The $100 Dragon Dog from Canada is the most expensive hot dog in the world

DougieDog Hot Dogs in Vancouver, Canada now holds the new Guinness World Record for Most Expensive Hot Dog in the World. Dethroning Brockton Rox’s $80 and Serendipity’s $69 variants, the latest entrant is way ahead of the race with a staggering $100 price tag. The $100 Dragon Dog, which has been on the DougieDog menu since January 23rd 2012 has received the official world record notification and certificate as well. So what does this meal bring to the table? Well, it comes “infused with hundred-year-old cognac and topped with lobster and kobe beef”, the malt here being Louis XIII.

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The cognac alone costs $2400 a bottle, and the owner Dougie Luv does agree that pork and cognac is a killer combination. He says, “A hundred bucks isn’t that much to pay for a great, memorable dinner. Plus the Dragon Dog is great for sharing and the perfect way to impress a date.”

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