The home made from shredded notes worth 1.4 billion Euros

Expensive as it may sound, sculpting art from dollar bills isn’t all that new. We’ve come across art exhibits made from hard cash before, and this isn’t where the extraordinary uses of dollars end. Sheets of bills have been used to wrap gifts too, and this time, we’ve stumbled across an entire home built from shredded money! By Irish artist Frank Buckley, this home was built from 1.4 billion Euros worth of shredded notes, making it a one-of-a-kind money-drenched abode. With permission from the Central Bank of Ireland, Buckley transformed the bills 6 inch by 2 inch bricks, each containing roughly about 40,000 Euros.

The three-room house is also a working example of the wonders of recycling and packs a bedroom, a bathroom and a living room along with gallery space for the artist’s works. However, we aren’t too sure just how well this Euro home will do while facing the elements of the world outside! After all, a harsh monsoon could turn this lovely home into pulp!
[Billion Euro House]