The Japanese and their pets

Who said that Japs aren’t weird? Okay, I don’t mean to be racist and stuff but come on!! The Pet Memorial Tokyo reported that each year the number of requests for pet memorial services has seen a dramatic increase. Now the latest is a wave of products designed to make a lasting memorial. First up is this mini Buddhist altar, the Memoria Areca from Lidy, created to hold a beloved pet’s cremated remains. The diminutive 40×15x18cm box has compartments for an urn as well as a glass case to display favored items like leashes and toys and a picture frame built into the lid. Unlike traditional alters, the Memoria Areca comes in two stylish modern designs for (¥228,000($2166) or ¥268,000($2546)) intended to adorn the living room mantel or dressing room table.

And if you did not think that was enough – Lidy also offers a service to turn your pet’s remains into a diamond ring. Using very high temperature and pressure, carbon is extracted from the remains and crystallized into a man-made diamond, available in sizes from 0.1c (¥298,000)($2831) to 1.0c (¥1,994,000)($18945) and ring or pendant settings. Lidy’s other products include these urns that look like perfume containers and flower arrangements that incorporate the deceased’s fur and fit conveniently into the glass case of the memorial alter. I don’t know about you guys but this all this definitely falls in the creepy category for me. No wonder the Japs are so good at making their horror movies!