The most expensive airports in the US

When you want to save your travel time, you have to shell out more money. And if you want to take a flight, you also need to put up with the ever-increasing airport costs. The Bureau of Transportation has come out with a compilation of sales data for all the airports across the U.S. in the third quarter of 2009 to deduce the average cost for each. The costs are based on domestic tickets on a round trip, any additional fees exclusive of baggage fees or bill add-ons. The three most expensive airports in the US, in reverse order, are as follows:

At the third position is the Savannah Airport, Ga. Being a relatively small city, perhaps an enhanced cost of living forced a hike of 2.5%, pushing the cost from $386.16 last year to $395.89.
In the second place is the Grand Rapids Airport, Mich. But it seems like the officials are as distraught about the rising costs as they blame airlines for the ridiculous prices, but the costs have seen a 20.1% decline from $507.50 last year to a $405.70 cost now.
And the top honors for overcharged flying go to Huntsville International Airport, Ala! Being a big city in a regional location, and despite a fall of 11.4% fall in prices compared to a $554.75 last year, at $491.62, it is still too much to shell out!

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