These empty ‘Ghost’ Cruise ships anchored in the middle of the ocean are the newest tourist destinations in the UK

What’s travel without some quirk? While not all of us may believe in this statement, the folks in the UK seem to be swearing by it. In a recent trend of sorts, ships anchored off the country’s coast have become a major tourist attraction, with local ferry companies arranging trips to view the empty vessels up and close on demand.

On offer are sightings of ships belonging to a variety of cruise companies including the famous Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth, and the Allure of the Seas – a 225,282-tonne vessel that’s the world’s fourth-largest cruise ship. The idea to ferry guests to the gigantic and now empty ships was first figured by a gentleman named Paul Derham, who runs two local ferries in Mudeford.

Commenting on it, he said, “When we came out of lockdown here, we started the ferry again and I couldn’t believe how few passengers we were carrying. But when we’d drive down to get the boat ready you could see the ships in the distance, about five kilometers away. So, I thought ‘Cor blimey, why can’t we do trips there?”

Elaborating further, Derham said, “I just made an announcement to the passengers: ‘Anyone want to go and see the cruise ships close up?…I couldn’t believe the interest on board, so we put it up on Facebook expecting to do a couple of trips and within four hours we’d filled four trips out to see them.”

The Mudeford Ferries usually carries 80 people each, but to ensure social distancing, it is currently taking 30 people for each Ghost Cruise Tour. So, would you fancy a trip to the ‘Ghost Fleet’?

[Via: CNN]

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