They just could not keep up with the crowds – Louvre museum shuts down as staff walks out on strike

Louvre Museum is one of the main reasons for the ever-increasing tourist footfall in Paris. However, those in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Mona Lisa and other of its masterworks may just have to wait as the museum announced a temporary shut-down this week. The doors to the Louvre were apparently closed as the staff called for a strike stating mismanagement and excessive workload as the chief reason.

As also claimed by the Sud Culture Solidaires union – “The Louvre is suffocating” and that staff members have noticed a “deterioration in conditions for visitors and workers”. The statement also claimed that there has been an increase in the visitor number by 20% since 2009 but the staff numbers have dropped from 2,161 to 2,005. The union also pointed out that the increasing tourist footfall have been met with no urgent, concrete measures and this has caused a lot of hindrances in managing the place.

Claiming that the situation is appalling both the Louvre as well as its staff, the union have demanded for the employment of the right number of staffs for the job and a “rapid introduction” of regulation on the number of visitors allowed each day and the security measures needed. The staff is scheduled to meet on Wednesday and take a further call based on the responses that are has thus far received from the museum and the ministry management. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the Louvre to open its gates after all!


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