The third Largest Waterfall in the World discovered in Peru

On March 22, 2006, German explorer Stefan Ziemendorff, working on a project with the Potable Amazon Water Company (Emusap) discovered one of the world’s highest waterfalls measuring nearly 2,529 feet in the isolated northern jungle near Chachapoyas. Locals in the department of Amazonas have named the waterfall “Gocta” which is derived from the local native Quecha language. The only way to reach the site is a five-hour trek on a dirt trail from the village of Cocachimba in the district of San Pablo. This waterfall has been known by locals for decades, but only recently has its existence emerged as common knowledge. Local people feared the curse of a beautiful blond mermaid who lived in its waters if they revealed its whereabouts. An ancient myth says that the mermaid keeps a golden bowl which in turn is guarded by a giant serpent.

The Gocta waterfall’s remote location also played a role in its relatively obscure existence. Tourists can look forward to having their first glimpse of the Gocta waterfall in 2007 when the Regional Department of Tourism expects the area to be ready to cater to visitors.
A journey to Chachapoyas, Land of Cloud Peoples, and mysteries mark deep in a lost civilization that cries for discovery!

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