This restaurant in Zanzibar is in the middle of the Indian Ocean

What do you think about a holiday on an idyllic beach landscape? Pristine sands, clear blue water, and sky, and the sea breeze taking you away miles from stressful city life – we know many places where we can get this winning formula. But Zanzibar has a unique offering that you may not find elsewhere – dining on a “coral outcrop.”

How would you react to a plate of octopus salad? Tentacles sprawled on your plate, and the eerie circles staring at you like a string of eyes? If this isn’t appetizing, then you could ask for creole, which will come in “citronette dressing” and syncs with a crisp, chilled French chardonnay. Or what about lobster? Or prawns, or kingfish or calamari? Or something more land-based, like Cigales? They are little insects or true bugs. Hakuna Mata, you know, this is a wonderful world!
The Rock is a restaurant in Zanzibar that can be reached on foot at low-tide and on a small boat during high-tide. It has 12 seats, accommodating 45 diners, offering sea views for everyone. Fresh fish from the Indian Ocean is what is on offer, accompanied by a good wine selection. The restaurant was opened in 2012 and has been gaining a lot of fanfare from around the world.



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