This secluded tiny cabin lets you sleep in the mountains under the stars

Sleeping under a starlit sky is a beloved fantasy for many, but for most, camping in a tent is the closest you’ll ever come to this dream. Yes, you could sleep sans shelter, but even if the weather is forgiving, creepy crawly insects are certainly not. And you’re in the mountains, then insects are the least of your worries. But some ingenious person has solved your problems by creating a glass walled cabin that offers unobstructed views of the clear Italian sky and the snowcapped Dolomite Mountains.

Located almost 7,000 feet high in the mountain range, the Starlight room is a single cabin with glass walls and a glass ceiling that is mounted on a pair of large skis. The cabin contains a comfortable bed and a heater and your stay includes dinner and breakfast.
The Starlight room is not the most accessible place, you’ll have to take a snowmobile to get there (snowshoeing and fat biking are the only alternatives), but the views are definitely worth it. At night, the stars seem close enough to touch while sunset and sunrise transform the white snow into a kaleidoscope of pinks and reds.
The cabin can be booked for one or two people at a rate of $333 per night.


[ Book at : Dolomiti Via : Urdesignmag ]