This upcoming cruise ship will be solely focused on fitness and will have an entire deck for sports and exercise

Fitness is no longer just a minor component of your daily routine; it is, in fact, an integrated grain in our lifestyle. A life that is fitness-focused is the only way of living for more people than less. Back in the day, vacations meant bingeing on everything whether its food, TV or sleep. Now you will find people hitting the gym, swimming or going for their morning run even on holidays. When an entire generation is feeding on a fitter life, it only seems wise that a fitness-focused cruise ship is coming our way. Blue World Voyages, soon to be launching this summer, will be the first cruise line dedicated to active, athletic, healthy lifestyles: a new niche they’re calling “Active Lifestyle Cruising.” So what’s in store for not just fitness freaks but also for people who would very much like to return after a week-long holiday without the pound pillage? The yet unnamed, 350-passenger luxury ship will preserve a casual vibe wherein guests can feel comfortable in street clothes, exercise gear, or even a bathrobe. So there goes your decision fatigue. Replace gelato pop-ups and soda stations, with sports, exercise classes, and wellness areas filled with the latest fitness technology. A Sports Deck will stretch from bow to stern, and house everything from a training center, golf and football simulators, to TRX studios, and batting cages. Guests can make a splash in one of two onboard pools. The most exciting feature of this ship is the innovative Sea-Water Lap Pool: a pool deck that can be lowered directly onto the ocean, making open water training a possibility.

It’s not just the physical health that’s given attention here, mental health is paramount too. For a mental detox, head straight to the Spa and Rejuvenation Deck where you can take a dip in the hydrotherapy tub, relax in the solarium, or treat yourself to a deep tissue massage in one of the indoor and outdoor treatment rooms. Now let’s talk about the aspect that can make or break your trip- food! Dining options will include four restaurants serving locally sourced ingredients and sea-to-table cuisine. When in port, chefs will venture on drylands to collect the finest local ingredients for their kitchens. Eating fresh means eating healthy and it is oh-so-yummy. The inaugural sailing will be a seven-day Mediterranean itinerary expected to happen in spring 2021. It will be stopping in Portugal, France, Corsica, Greece, Spain, Croatia, and Italy. We are so fascinated, aren’t you?

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