‘Tilt’ at Chicago’s John Hancock center will tip you 30 degrees toward the ground, from the 94th floor

The John Hancock Center, the fourth-tallest Chicago skyscraper is getting many upgrades besides its new name ‘360Chicago’. The redesigned observation deck among its multi-million dollar renovation will include a new attraction called ‘Tilt’, a glass-walled sightseeing balcony that extends from the side of the John Hancock Center’s 94th floor.

360Chicago soars 1,000 feet above Lake Michigan and the city’s majestic skyline to offer visitors the most breathtaking views of downtown Chicago. The glass enclosure can safely hold up to eight people inside and tilt outward 30 degrees, offering views of the city.

The attraction will cost $5, plus the general $18 admission fee to the Hancock observatory.


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