Tokyo is getting the worlds most luxurious railway platform

The Ueno station in Tokyo is going to get an extra shot of exclusivity. The East Japan Railway Company has revealed plans to build a new Platform 13½ between the existing platforms 13 and 14. The new platform does not lead to a scarlet steam engine that will take you to a magic school, but it will take you to a new luxury train called the “Train Suite Shiki-shima” and will be reserved for passengers of this train only. The Train Suite Shiki-Shima is a hybrid electric/diesel deluxe sleeping-car train that offers 2-4 day tours to different Japanese destinations.

The Japanese certainly know how to do luxury and here it begins with a private lounge called the Prologue Shiki-shima.

Later, travelers can use the private entrance to Platform 13 ½. Only those intending to board the luxury train can use the entrance or be on the platform. Since prices begin at 320,000 yen (US$2,823) per person, you can bet that it will be a far cry from the crowds of the subway trains.

The train itself will offer foot baths, split-level rooms and just enough room for 34 passengers.
It may not be a magical trip but it will certainly be a lavish one!

The platform will serve the passengers of the uber luxurious 'Train Suite Shiki-shima'.
The platform will serve the passengers of the uber luxurious ‘Train Suite Shiki-shima’.

[Via – Rocketnews]

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