Tolkien’s Minas Tirith being planned in middle England, the cost – $3 Billion

If you could raise $3 billion from a crowd-funding campaign what would you do with it? Well if you were a Tolkien fan you’d probably use it to build a life size and fully liveable town designed around the fabled city of Minas Tirith, at least that’s what a group of “architects and structural engineers” from England would do. In fact, these Middle earth fans are so gung-ho about the idea that they ‘kick-started’ an Indiegogo campaign to raise the $3 billion sum to put this plan into motion.

Now, to set the record straight, we’re not looking at some sort of replica of the famous fictitious kingdom from one of Tolkien’s finest tales, these “ambitious” guys intend to build a complete city that would not only serve as a major tourist attraction but would also be called home to many who could afford the $620,000 (£400,000) or $2.7 million (£1,720,000) price tag for a home within the majestic walls that was home to a King. It would be a fully functional location that would enable people to live and work within the towering walls of the great city.

The campaign, while certainly ambitions, does come a little out of left field as the team hoped to raise the rather steep sum within period of just 60 day. In the last 10 days, they’ve managed to collect about $665 (£426). Needless to say, that’s not going to do it. If you’re interested in contributing to the campaign, $24 (£15) your name will be immortalised in stone; $40 (£25) will get you a free tour of the city (if/when it’s completed) with a plaque of your name on the Minas Tirith “Wall of Honour”; $1400 (£900) would let you stay for a night within the city with a partner at one of the possible 300 2-star lodgings; and finally, should you decide you want a title of Lord or Ladyship, it would cost you a mere $155,000 (£100,000) which would include horse-drawn carriages for transport within the city walls and a seat on the city’s Executive Committee.

Further details, in real world terms, seem a little more believable; along with the residential and commercial spaces, the city would able to operate with a budget of about $2.89 billion (£1.85 bn). The remaining could be utilised to run maintenance and public services for as far into the future as 2053. It’s a major project that has some measure of merit and what better place to build another castle-styled city than in Medieval old England!

[Via – Indiegogo]

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