Top 10 airport lounges around the world

Traveling across borders is a tiring affair, and more often than not, air travelers looking for a little respite and comfort to envelop their commute. After flying high with the 10 best first class and business class cabins, its time to escape the crowds and unwind in style at a best first-class airport lounges. We’ve been giving airport lounges around the world a close peek and have come up with a list of some of the best airport lounging areas in the world!

10) Qantas Airways First Lounge at the Sydney Airport:

This fabulous airport boasts a 98-foot vertical garden! With a well-designed lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows that gives visitors a view of the runway as well as the Sydney skyline, this airport lounge has on offers spa treatments, fine dining, a refreshing shower, and a library to settle down with a great read! To top it all, the First Lounge also includes an on-site business center.

9) Lufthansa Airlines First Class Terminal at the Frankfurt Airport:

This terminal at the Frankfurt Airport is reserved exclusively for first-class passengers. With security checkpoints that make sure your travel time remains the same, the terminal includes a cigar lounge, soaking baths, and a chauffeur-driven Porsche or Mercedes-Benz to the tarmac!
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8) Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at JFK International Airport:

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Virgin’s Clubhouse at the airport in New York sticks to the brand’s tendency to be sleek and glamorous! This includes a cocktail lounge with soft purple lighting as well as complimentary spa services. The Clubhouse also offers a salon as well as a pool table to keep you entertained on your stop-over.

7) British Airways Concorde Room at London:

British Airways has been known for its luxurious offerings. This extends to the Concorde Room lounge too! The area has luxurious crystal chandeliers gracing its ceiling. Dressed in velvet and leather, this is the place you’d want to head to for champagne, cabanas with daybeds, private dining facilities, and more!
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6) Swiss Air Lounge at the Basel-Mulhouse EuroAirport:

This lounge is recognized for its sheer massiveness! The Swiss Air Lounge includes best-in-class facilities, a great atmosphere, a hot and cold buffet, and more. For those looking to enter in away from the crowd, this lounge also offers a VIP entrance. The Swiss Air Lounge won the Priority Pass Global Lounge of the Year Award in 2012.
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5) Cathay Pacific The Pier and The Wing at Hong Kong International:

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This lounge packs six Day-Break Rooms, unmatched privacy with a television screen for each visitor with Balzac armchairs, and offers wake-up calls, waiter services, and shower suites. The lounge also has Personal Living Spaces that provide a cocooned environment and computers to help you stay connected on the go.
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4) Qatar Airways Premium Terminal at Doha International Airport:

This lounge is exclusive only to Business and First class travelers. The Premium Terminal, as its name suggests, offers some of the best facilities you’d look for at an airport lounge, with 5-star dining on offer, a personal bell host, a lavish buffet, a full-fledged gourmet deli, a Jacuzzi, and a sauna as well as private rooms to lay back and relax.

3) Finnair Lounge & Spa at the Helsinki Airport:

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Finnair’s lounge is bright, spacious, and relaxing and is swathed in white furnishing with a buffet area, a salad bar, and lots more. Sporting blue business cubicles that enable you to catch up on your work, this lounge is plush and speaks of Scandinavian design influences.

2) Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge in Bangkok:

The SilverKris Lounge attends to those looking to rest and guests looking to get some work done as they commute. Complete with lots of options to have a drink, dine, or attend business meetings, this Singapore Airlines lounge has many services, including relaxing showers, self-service buffet and bar counters, workstations with complimentary Internet access, and more.

1) Thai Airways lounge in Bangkok:

This lounge extends the beauty of Thailand to an airport terminal, literally! Available to First and Business Class, this lounge at the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport offers spa suites, sauna and steam room, gym and yoga room, and health food and beverage corners. What sets one apart is the traditional Thai massage available here.

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