Top 5 must do Luxury experiences in Tokyo

Exclusive Backstage Access to Artists (Asia Tour)
“The best music transcends your playlist or your CD and it moves into a different in your life where it just becomes your companion. It does something more than just makes you sing along. It hopefully places somewhere in your life in a time that you always remember.”
– John Mayer- A singer, songwriter, recording artist

Life can’t get any better than having all access VIP tickets to concerts or events of your favorite foreign artists that come to Tokyo. The pass allows you to watch the shows from the Main Stage as well as the Side Stage and to top it off, you are granted with amazing backstage and VIP artist area privileges. We want to make sure that music fans have access to and capture all the exciting moments that happens within Tokyo during tours.

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Immerse yourself in one of the most exciting experiences Tokyo has to offer.
Combine your package with a VIP bottle service of your preferred beverage at one of the most hot and happening nightclubs in the city for a night to remember. DJ Jounce from L.A, Far East Movement, John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Eric Benet are some of the celebrities to have performed here. Unlike a regular city concert with lines and crowds, Tokyo Luxe sets you and your friends up with the ultimate package to guarantee a fabulous night on the town.

John Mayer’s Concert Ticket on May 2nd, 2014

Unique Local Experiences and Sakura
Viewing the beautiful neon Sakura is one of Japan’s most popular tourist activities and a once in a lifetime experience. Every year tourists flock to Japan to capture the annual blooming of cherry blossoms around the Imperial Palace by the Meguro river. The actual blooming can be captured at dawn where the rest of the world stands still in order to take in the awe-inspiring sight. Usually the festival lasts for a week throughout which one can see locals enjoying their hanami with their co-workers and family members. To fully be able to enjoy the natural splendor of this gorgeous season, some visitors even charter their own helicopter to overlook the cherry blossom trees.

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A breath-taking view of the Meguro River in Tokyo.

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Annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Tokyo