Tourists will now have to pay $1,000 to visit Indonesia’s Komodo Island

Earlier in the year, we heard a probable update of the Komodo Island being permanently shut to the public. However, there’s some good news now on that front! As per the latest reports, the island which is home to the exotic Komodo dragons will now remain open to tourists, with the only catch requiring them to cough up a whopping $1000 to visit it. Yes, that’s right!

The move has apparently been brought into place to support conservation efforts in the region and limit the number of tourists that visit the island each year. Authorities will introduce two annual membership programs – one for premium members to visit the Komodo Islands and the other for non-premium members to visit the rest of the islands in the territory for a reduced fee.

Commenting on the move, Marius Jelamu, spokesman for Mr Laiskodat, the region’s governor at the time said, “The growth of the community on the island will be restricted so that the village does not become too big and threaten conservation efforts,” He further added, “There will also be more education programs in the village to make sure the community are fully part of the conservation effort.”

Currently, locals pay as little as 35 cents while visitors pay $10.50 to visit the island. However, onward next year, visitors will be required to pay the upgraded fee to catch sight of the elusive Komodo dragons. A price worth paying even then, we say!


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