Travel locations to indulge your inner geek

If there is one thing a movie can do, other than entertain, it is to make you wish you could visit some of the stunning locations used in the film. The film can open your eyes to completely new worlds, and show regions, cities, and buildings that you never even imagined existed. Traveling to such locations is certainly an indulgent way to treat your inner geek.

Film locations with an edge
There are some films where the locations are just as eye-catching as the stars who appear in them, and perhaps this is true of the James Bond films. These films literally traverse the world and put the protagonists in a variety of stunning locales that figure high on the luxury scale. The latest Bond film, Spectre, opens with a highly visual scene shot in Mexico City during the Day of the Dead celebrations. Bond enters a magnificent building, which is actually the Gran Hotel Cuidad de Mexico, featuring iconic old-fashioned elevators and spacious suites. Bond never travels on the cheap – remember his speedy dismissal of the down-at-heel hotel in Quantum of Solace – so you can be sure his hotel is one of the best around. The Grand Hotel is one of the top hotels in Mexico City, featuring Art Nouveau décor, a stained glass ceiling window in the lobby, and impeccable service, so if you want to live the high life while staying in a stunning, fascinating city, stay at this iconic hotel.

If you are keen to explore some of the filming locations of movies that are literally out of this world, you could head to Canada where the movie version of the World of Warcraft video game, called Warcraft, is was filmed. World of Warcraft is one of the world’s most popular video games, created by the Activision Blizzard company founded by Bobby Kotick, who also created another world-famous video game Call of Duty, and subsequently founded the Call of Duty Endowment charity for veterans. The film was shot at the Canadian Motion Picture Park Studios in Burnaby, British Columbia, and you could spend a great vacation in nearby Vancouver, a city that effortlessly blends the sophistication of a major urban city with extensive natural beauty just outside. Vancouver has plenty of luxury accommodation, such as the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, which first opened in 1927 and was patronized by stars of screen and music, including Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, and Katherine Hepburn, as well as British royalty. Recently renovated, it now features the original 20th-century style choices combined with all modern conveniences, including a fine dining restaurant, indoor swimming pool, and chic lounge.

Staying in the world of fantasy, your inner geek may very well feel compelled to travel to New Zealand and visit the filming locations used in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. Perhaps one of the most recognizable locations in all of the films is the village of Hobbiton, and this was created in a place called Wellington. When you visit, you can actually stay in Hobbiton at one of the several farms and stay in a hobbit house. There are also plenty of luxury hotels spotted around the area that offer premium accommodation, set against some of the best scenery New Zealand has to offer. But perhaps the best thing about traveling to New Zealand as a fan of Tolkien is the chance to visit a huge number of the filming locations, including Rivendell, home of Elrond, the Anduin River, Helm’s Deep, the Gardens of Isengard and Minas Tirith, when you embark on a luxury tour that caters to small groups. You will be collected and dropped off at your accommodation in air-conditioned transport, be shown everything by an experienced guide and enjoy a gourmet lunch.

Finally, if you are a fan of Harry Potter, then travel to England to visit some of the locations used in the films, such as Gloucester Cathedral and Lacock Abbey, both used for the corridors and other open spaces at Hogwarts. Christ Church in Oxford is used for the Great Hall at the school, while the exteriors were shot at Alnwick Castle. There are several firms offering luxury tours of the Harry Potter locations, where you are driven in premium vehicles and are accompanied by knowledgeable guides.

If you are a true lover of spectacular locations in films, then there are plenty of places you can travel to in the world and enjoy a taste of the luxury the characters themselves enjoy.