Traverse your way from the Antarctica to the Arctic circle with this superyacht cruise

You can now set sail across both the ends of the earth and we are kidding you not! Thanks to iconic yacht and cruise company – SeaDream Yacht Club, serious wanderlust can now experience a roundabout expedition from the South Pole all the way up to the North Pole, while also enjoying several sites to behold between the two.

This unbelievable feat is possible owing to the company’s 508-foot-tall superyacht called the SeaDream Innovation. The luxury vessel accommodates 110 suites and a one-to-one guest to crew ratio for boutique luxury and is an ideal getaway for those who love the waters and everything they have to offer.

The ship further packs in nine mega decks with elegant suites ranging from 502 to 1,008 square feet each. Each accommodation onboard the SeaDream Innovation features exclusive walk-in closets, a dining space, a seating area, and a plush décor with clean and neutral hues.

If all the in-room luxury isn’t enough, the mega yacht also comes with indoor and outdoor dining with panoramic views of the ocean, three marinas, water sports on the ship docks and irresistible incredible itineraries to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

The SeaDream Innovation ship will commence on its first ever 70-day voyage in September 2021 from London to Argentina, with stops including Spain, the Bahamas, Chile, and Antarctica. Care to traverse the globe onboard this one?


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