Troika’s Digital Cloud grabs attention at Heathrow Airport

Although we have written about a Cloud Chandelier here, the Troika’s Cloud at Heathrow Airport in London is aboslutely something else. It is inspired by the idea of the metaphor of clouds as one’s flies, and the contrast which exists between the busy, hectic airport experience, and the calm, luminous and ethereal world which we discover as we fly through this dense layer. Commissioned by the British Airways for their new luxury lounges, Troika art and design studio have executed this five meter long digital sculpture. Artists Conny Freyer, Eva Rucki and Sebastien Noel gave a marvelous blend of audible flipping sounds between 4638 black and silver flip-dots, which captivate the mind when they create mesmerizing waves across the surface of ‘Cloud’. Moreover the reflection fills the movements with surrounding colors, and presents a flirting show. Hit the jump to watch the video……

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The project took eight months period to get into shape.