Uber users in NYC and LA will get picked up in Rolls Royces this weekend

Personal taxi service Uber customers will get a treat this coming weekend – the chance to be chauffeured like ‘royalty’ in luxurious Rolls Royces. The high class rides are a promotional campaign for the anticipated TV series titled ‘The Royals’ that airs this Sunday night. We’re not sure about the extent of the royalty treatment, though if Elizabeth Hurley took the ride, it must mean something, right? The promotion runs from 12th March till 15th March and all excited riders need to do is select the Rolls Royce option on the Uber mobile app; though you’re out of luck if you live anywhere else besides Los Angeles and New York City.

Customers, who do get lucky enough to be driven around in the Royal Royce, could later be featured on E! Online, the show’s producing network, only if they can manage to take enough selfies and talk about the ride and experience on social media platforms using #TheRoyals. This sweet ride could definitely outrun London’s UberLux, though we wish it stuck around for longer.

Uber has made its way across the globe with its un-related and out of the box tie-ups – like the collaboration with Johnny Walker and McLaren and the Autobot Optimus Prime campaign, which make it the trendiest cab service and keep its fan base growing. Uber is now present in more than 200 countries worldwide.

[via – E-Online]

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