Unique Destination Wedding Ideas Beyond the Beach

Destination weddings have long been dominated by beach weddings. There’s nothing wrong with stunning white sand and picturesque views, but it’s been played out by now. Couples are looking for unique, luxurious ways to wow their guests by their location. That means thinking outside the box when searching the map for a place to say “I do.”

Picturing your friends and family in front of your favorite vacation spot as you share a once in a lifetime experience together is something every bride and groom dream of. Making new memories is such much sweeter in a new place. How can you plan the unique wedding of your dreams in a destination that leaves your guests speechless? Here are the top ideas for destination weddings that go beyond the tried and true.

Sea Wedding
White sand beaches are nice, but why not take on the water? A wedding at sea is more attainable than you think, and any ship captain can officiate. Get swept away with all your guests on a luxurious cruise ship with the help of top of the line wedding planners or find your own seafaring adventure by renting a yacht or sailboat. After the ceremony, take your guests on a fun tour of the Mediterranean, the US coast, or somewhere even more exotic.

Outdoor Adventure
Maybe you and your partner aren’t really lounge by the beach types. If that’s the case, an outdoor adventure wedding might be everything you’ve dreamed of. Take your guests on an escape from the hustle of city life by exploring the great outdoors. What could be more perfect than a mountain backdrop or a quiet cabin away from it all?

The best part about choosing an outdoor enthusiasts wedding is that you don’t have to travel far. Many places in your own backyard might function as a rugged getaway, but you have options if you’re willing to expand your horizons. Alaska is one of the best-kept secrets for getaway weddings, and it’s just about as rugged as you can get while still staying on the grid. Just be sure to book your wedding for the springtime when the weather is nice, and there’s so much to do.

Back in Time
Travel back in time with a previous-century themed wedding to fulfill all your history-buff fantasies. From Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia to a Medieval castle in Scotland, you can take your wedding back a decade (or 10) to create a touch of whimsy and history.

These historical destinations will be one for the ages, and they give you the freedom to play with styles of the past. Arrive in a horse-drawn carriage or dance the night away to local folk music. Not to mention, your guests might learn a thing or two along the way.

Off the Grid
Challenge your guests to unplug from their favorite devices and get away for a while. You can go off the grid in one of America’s many National Parks for a rugged destination wedding, or you can keep it classic with the Kauai luxury resort in Hawaii. There’s more to your destination wedding than the ceremony, so be prepared with exciting activities to keep your guests engaged no matter where you are.

The best part about going completely off the grid is that the possibilities are endless. Host your wedding ceremony from inside a hot air balloon or from the top of a volcano. Enjoy a reception on the beach under the stars or even with a scuba diving session. Just because you dream of a beach wedding doesn’t mean you have to stick to the status quo.

Make Your Wedding Your Own
Planning a destination wedding means creating a memory that will last a lifetime. When you explore the world beyond your city with your friends and family, you bond together through new experiences. These ideas above will help you create a destination wedding that stands out from the crowd. This is the trip of a lifetime, so make it count.

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