To combat overcrowding, Venice will now charge tourists $15 to visit the city. Rulebreakers will be fined $310.

Visiting Venice is on a lot of people’s wish lists! However, the city just got pricier with a tourist fee ranging anywhere between $4-$15 (applicable onward January 16, 2023). Yes, you heard that right! The news was also confirmed by the city’s councilor for tourism, Simone Venturini, at a press conference.

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However, the measure isn’t just a money-making tactic. As per Venturini, it is a measure for a “great revolution” and a solution to the over-tourism problem that the city has been struggling with for decades. Commenting on it, Venturini further added.

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“The goal is not to close the city, but to get people to book their presence to reduce the tourist peaks. Venice is a living city, and it has to stay that way.” Remarking similarly, the city’s councilor for the budget – Michele Zuin noted.

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“It is not a system to make cash but to manage tourist flows.” Residents and children aged under six, disabled people, homeowners, those visiting the city for health reasons or to meet relatives, and those coming to attend a sporting or cultural event will remain exempt from the tourist fee.

Apart from that, overnight hotel guests will also not be required to pay the fee as they will pay a tourist tax through their hotel. It will be applicable for those visiting the Venice historic center and the islands of Lido di Venezia, Pellestrina, Murano, Burano, Torcello, Sant’Erasmo, Mazzorbo, Mazzorbetto, Vignole, S. Andrea, La Certosa, S. Servolo, S. Clemente and Poveglia, with violations costing up to $ $454.

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The tourist fee itself is based on factors such as how far in advance one reserves a Venice tourism spot and whether or not it’s peak season (June through August). The move aims to “find this balance between residents and long-term and short-term visitors” and we hope it succeeds in doing so!

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