Video – Man proposes to his flight attendant girlfriend on an Emirates plane in the most heartwarming way

It’s officially the season of love! Or so the folks at Emirates would say after they pulled off an adorable inflight marriage proposal for one of their crew members. The romantic and rather filmy roll of events was initiated by a gentleman named Stefano who decided to propose to his long-term girlfriend cum Emirates Air Hostess Vittoria on a flight that she was crewing as usual.

On Emirates flight EK096 from Rome to Dubai, it wasn’t just the crew but even the passengers onboard who gladly obliged to make Stefano’s confession of love a success. To pull off the stunt, they decorated the cabin with heart-shaped paper cards, long-stem roses, “S” and “V” balloons and custom-made Stefano face-masks for passengers to wear for the big moment. A while later, Vittoria was welcomed inside the love-themed passage with passengers handing her flowers and other goodies, amongst a loud uproar of cheers and hoots.

At the end of the aisle, she was finally greeted by boyfriend Stefano who was standing there patiently with balloons and a ring. While you may have missed the live action, Emirates recently uploaded a video of the proposal on their Instagram that showcases the whole show as it actually took place, with a caption that reads: “Love is in the air(plane). Watch our customer Stefano surprise his girlfriend and Emirates’ cabin crew member Vittoria with a romantic in-flight proposal, with some help from our cabin crew and passengers.” FYI- She said ‘YES’!


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