Video – See how luxurious is flying first class on Emirates

The philosophical cliché – “It’s the journey that matters more than the destination” perfectly fits the bill when it comes to these ultra-deluxe business class seats at Emirates. For setting you off $21000, this luxurious affair will completely alter your idea of in-flight extravagance. As American YouTube sensation, Casey Neistat gives us an up, close, and personal video account of the above, you cannot help but go green in envy!

YouTube video

Neistat’s 9- minute tape shows him basking in the pleasures of inflight luxury as a massive touch screen TV opens upfront with a treasure of hidden goodies accessible in a push of a button. With the seat fixed in a secluded spot of its own, you can sip a drink at the bar that slides right out of the windowsill or lull yourself to sleep in the chair that can be converted into a fully functional bed. Amongst an array of comforts that are provided to you like slippers, pajamas, and fancy toiletries, you can also steal 30 mins for yourself in a personal bathroom with a fully functioning shower. To please your taste buds the experience further provides you a cooked-to-order menu with delicacies like caviar for an extra dose of luxury.

While Neistat’s experience was a result of a free upgrade that he received for his $5000 Dubai to New York business class ticket, Emirates too earned itself a fair share of coverage with his sensational video crossing over 8 million views since last week. Neistat went as far as comparing his Emirates adventure to the feeling of joy he experienced at his children’s birth. And instead of writing him off as insane, luxury like this one can only make you eagerly wish on swapping your job for his!

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