Virgin America just added Spotify and the New York Times free streaming to their repertoire of in-flight entertainment

Ever get tired of those same old tunes on airplanes? Of course you could just plug in your earphones and listen to music on your own device but for those Spotify junkies out there, one airline has just what you need. In a tie up with Virgin America, Spotify along with the New York Times aim to deliver steaming services onboard their planes for your listening and reading pleasure.

With this joint effort you’ll able to stay up-to-date on all relevant news and music even while you’re jet-setting around the country. Spotify plans to have their entire catalogue available to travelers on Virgin America flights with the additional bonus of featuring city-inspired mood playlist. As of now, it seems like Virgin America is the pioneer in featuring such a service.

As for those more inclined towards staying abreast of current events, the service will also allow NY Times followers to always have access to all the latest goings-on be it from their Business, Travel, Technology and ‘Most Viewed’ sections as well as full access to the website as is.

All of this made possible using the airline’s ViaSat on-board Wi-Fi program that also happens to include Netflix streaming that was also recently announced. Needless to say Virgin America is upping their game in a big way with these options. The tie up with NY Times and Spotify will be available up to March 02, 2016 after which we’re not sure how things will progress. Presumably the services would continue based on their popularity, but one thing’s for sure, entertainment services at 35,000 feet just got a major upgrade.

[ Via : Engadget ]

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