Virgin Atlantic to offer Geek Goodies In-flight

US DOTs may have banned VA from flying domestic sectors in America (due to too much foreign ownership), Virgin is not throwing in the towel so soon. They have gone the extra mile to tempt passengers with loads of features added to the in-flight. An interesting strategy to woo customers. The First Class travelers get to park their boot on comfy leather chairs with a flip-out LCD. The coach passengers get to sit on cushy chairs with a seat-mounted 9-inch touchscreen LCD. Other features included onboard are: a 110-volt jack for your electronics, First class passengers get an RJ-45 jack to plug in their laptop, VA-engineered RED in-flight entertainment system holds about 3000 MP3 tracks.

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Incase you are taking connecting flights you can access your playlist on the next flight too. The applications are running on embedded Linux and the entire plane is networked via Ethernet. Because of this you can place orders for food, play multi-player games with other passengers sitting on your seat. QWERTY keyboard, live TV via Dish Network, on-board email, IM, chat all these Geek goodies are available. Linux based games including DOOM are going to be available soon.

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