We pick the 8 best designed bars on the American West coast

Looking for a great looking place to have a world class time when in the west coast? Look no further, we have listed below a few bars that enthrall and captivate you like no other, with their drop dead gorgeous looks and designs, in the west coast area. For absolutely amazingly designed bars where you can have the time of your life and some really cool drinks combined with unforgettably appetising foods, read on…

8. Singe Shot, Seattle- This gem, nestling in Seattle, is aptly called so as in a single shot you will everything great right from drinks, to food and dessert. The place is very well designed, neat lines, brightly lit with enough room for all. Use if modern, structured lights suspended from the ceiling adds to its personality. While the food and drinks are raved about the decor and ambience makes your visit memorable in this loud, buzzing place.
Nonna Bar, Portland
7.Nonna Bar, Portland- This portland bar with its vintage industrial lights, dark wood, low light, walls painted dark, and lots of candles makes for a beautiful bar that I imagine would be in an elegant speakeasy. Its got a very intimate vibe which makes it an ideal haunt for dates and friendly get-togethers.

6. Dirty Habit, San Francisco- There nothing dirty about making venturing into this place over and over again but it can certainly turn into a habit as this place is addictive. Perched five floors high above the streets of San Francisco’s bustling SOMA district, Dirty Habit is an intimate hideaway for those seeking an inventive and sociable drinking and dining atmosphere. This bar-centric place serves creative craft cocktail menu with an emphasis on rare brown spirits. Interiors create quite a stir if cocktails don’t, dramatic film noir inspired dining room or fully heated outdoor patio you’re no forgetting either for a long time to come.

5.One Eight Distilling, Washington DC- Beautiful, beautiful place in Washington, worthy of visiting as many times as possible. It doesn’t look or feel like your regular bars, in fact their decor looks inspired from their passion to produce the finest spirits from grain to glass all within Washington, DC. They seek to continually make connections between people and spirits, to use locally sourced ingredients and recycle spent mash. The place has a very different vibe, look like a classy lab waiting for its student to come and taste the beakers. Its niche, and DC’s booze-makers will surely attract their niche audiences.
4.Bar Agricole, San Francisco- There’s a reason Bar Agricole is again a nominee for the James Beard Award for Outstanding Bar Program: It serves among the best cocktails ($11) in the country and looks awesome while doing so. The place and menu both will give a homely , warm feel with its wooden interiors and bright ambience. You’re at the right place if you’re looking for a modern, snazzy ambience but not too sterile looking. The outdoor areas look extremely inviting and gorgeous. San Francisco has found its true gem of a place.

3. Pot Lobby Bar, LA- This has all the right ingredients to make for a successful, much loved joint. Its trendy, extremely dapper and makes you feel like you’ve arrived! The pricey cocktail menu is full of exotic offerings (e.g. drinks infused with durian bitters and mushrooms), plus Long Island iced tea on tap. The place is very well designed with a lot of elements coming together as a whole to impress. Structured seatings, High and low stools and sofas, with intricate ceiling detailing and more adds to make this place look enchanting.

2. POV, Washington DC- You’ve got to see this place to believe its greatness. They can make a modern day fairy tale here. The place is huge, with every nook and corner carefullt detailed and made with the interest of impressing. Its full of life, colour and buzzing with energy. The view is amazing, having great drinks looking over the White House is an unique experience. In short its just a plush, modern space that has to go in your bucket list. Definitely worth a dekko.

1. Parq Bar, Beverly Hills- Located inside the Montage Beverly Hills, the Parq Bar, to describe is easy, just have to use three worlds…elegant, top-notch, Mindblowing! A true beauty, the parq bar is well designed offering you best of both worlds,indoors and outdoors. It’s got the perfect backdrop for socialising indoors or out adjacent to the alluring Beverly Canon Gardens. Like any chic Beverly Hills lounge, parq bar too features a different musical genre such as jazz, R&B or blues and a fresh lineup of talented local and regional artist. Enjoy it while you sip on your glass of wine, champagne to a classic cocktail.

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