Wearable blanket by Israeli duo wins votes in pilot journey

There was a news report some time back saying airlines were trying to keep up with their passengers’ expectations and finding new ways to pamper them. The drill continues. Two Israeli designers – Noyberg and Bulka, have come up with the idea of a wearable blanket which is seemingly getting popular with passengers on EL AL Israel Airlines. The math is very simple. During your journey, way up in the sky and dancing amidst the hilly clouds, and while you get frozen stiff inside a huge capsule with some 300 odd fellow passengers, you can use the wearable blanket to simply … well, wear it and remain warm and cosy throughout your journey. This helps you do multiple things while keeping warm and not worry over leaving a trail of your blanket or stumble over it when you stand up to stretch or fumble through it to try and get your headphones plugged into its slot. The blanket was tested in a flight from Tel Aviv to New York, winning praises. Let’s hope this one spreads like wild fire and we all get a chance to enjoy some klutz-free journey. This is for the economy class of course, Business and First class have their own range of psychedelic mood-understanding blankets or branded pure wool or cashmere blankets packaged in an accompanying branded pouches.



[Via – Design Boom]