What to do when money or credit cards are lost abroad

The perfect souvenir has been spotted and the wallet reached for. The heart sinks because it’s not there! A perfect holiday has quickly become a perfect nightmare. There is no need for panic, however, as there are solutions. Some time spent planning for the worst will prevent a holiday turning into a disaster.

Preparing for the worst
Planning a trip is great fun, but often not enough time is invested in preparing for unexpected events. A suitcase not arriving is inconvenient, but losing a passport and money can be disastrous. Taking photocopies of documents and keeping a written list of emergency numbers for cancelling and reordering bank cards, will help if disaster strikes. A copy should be left with a trusted contact at home. They will be an important lifeline if the worst happens. It makes sense to travel with more than one bank card and to always carry some local currency. This avoids being left hungry and homeless whilst waiting for new cards to arrive.

The wallet has gone! What happens next?
The list of emergency numbers comes into play now and should immediately be used to cancel and replace any bank cards. Debit cards will be delivered to a home address so will need to be forwarded on. Major credit cards, such as American Express, can arrange for a new card to be picked up anywhere in the world within a few short hours.

Transferring money abroad
The best solution, whilst waiting for new cards to arrive, is to have a money transfer organised by someone at home. There are different options for this such as the Post Office, Western Union or a reputable money transfer company such as Azimo. This fully regulated company guarantees to send funds abroad in a very short time, whilst offering very competitive fees and exchange rates. A trusted friend or relative back home can quickly organise this from their mobile phone or computer. If holiday plans mean that a move will be made before cards arrive, Azimo can even organise to pay some bills, such as hotel accommodation, directly.

Losing money and credit cards whilst travelling is always going to be stressful and can be intimidating, especially in a foreign language. A little forward planning and knowledge can help eliminate this. Using the services of reputable money transfer companies, will soon have the traveller safely on their way again.

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