Why Dubai is still the best luxury travel destination in the world

Think Dubai and the image you envisage is one of glamour and luxury. Astoundingly tall buildings, fabulous world-renowned restaurants, the vibrancy that comes from a country that’s at home with the old and the new- indeed, there’s a lot to explore and experience here on your Dubai trips.

Desert nights- Dubai has acres of sand to explore. The stark difference between glittering skyscrapers and the moody sands is an interesting one. The landscape is nothing short of spectacular. Stay in a luxurious Bedouin tent, spend a night gazing at the stars, and continue on your trip with learning. By this we mean, explore the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and learn how the country is working on its efforts.

Burj Khalifa- A building synonymous with Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is mighty; 829 meters in all. It’s next to the Dubai Mall, and so you can combine the two if you like. The views from the very top of this building are nothing short of spectacular. This is a must-have experience; after all, it is the tallest building in the world.

The mosques- if you’re interested in religious history, please visit the mosques in Dubai. Jumeirah is an option for people of all denominations and gender. For a taste of the Blue Mosque, go to the Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque, which resembles its counterpart in Istanbul. Do dress conservatively so as not to insult the sentiments of other worshippers.
The souks- sure, Dubai has tons of malls and all the international brands for you to shop to your heart’s content. But the souk retains a soul that one cannot find in a huge building. Once here, take in the crowds, the chatter and the many wares-from spices to knickknacks, the buzz, and energy of the space. Additionally, Dubai is now the first city to have a sail through Super Market, yes, you heard it right, the sail through the supermarket is parked in the ocean and you can go on your water bikes and buy snacks, etc.

Miracle Garden- a canopy of umbrellas greets you at this truly beautiful garden, right in the city. Carefully tended with care and thought, the garden easily ranks up there with some of the best in the world.

The restaurants – You will find Michelin rated restaurants and other luxury restaurants here. Along with this Dubai now boasts of the largest luxe vegan restaurant in the world. If you are a vegan on your Dubai trips you will surely enjoy the delicacies on offer. The floating hotel Queen Elizabeth 2 is iconic in its own right and you will enjoy your time on it. The hotel also has a theatre where you can enjoy great acts and you can also visit the spa and enjoy a few signature treatments.

Perfumes – You will find all sorts of perfumes in Dubai, but the one perfume that sets Dubai apart is the Shumukh, a perfume valued at nearly 1.3 million dollars. The perfume is rumored to last on clothes for up to a month.

Old-world Dubai- before Dubai was this glittering new avatar, it was small and quaint and mysterious. Learn more about its origins and its Arabic way of life when you visit the fishing village of Al Bastakiya. There is such a contrast between the village and the buildings that seem to have erupted, as if by accident around it. Learn about the journey of the Dubai Creek and sup at the old tea houses for a different experience.

The Beach- La Mer is the beach to visit for a hip experience. Clear waters, a water theme park, fabulous art, and some pretty cool food destinations- it’s all to be experienced here. Walk along the wharf, explore the north and the south sections of the beach, and spend a day enjoying the sun. Spend more time there and enjoy the nightlife La Mer has to offer on all your Dubai trips.
Please keep in mind that quite a few parts of Dubai are traditional and conservative, and you should dress and behave in keeping with that. Do read up on the rules of the country and enjoy yourself in this city of gold.

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