Winston Churchill’s 1923 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost is back in action

Looking for a ride fit enough for a Prime Minister? Take a look at this 1923 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. Having had Prime Minister Winston Churchill being driven around in it, the car retired later on. After spending decades in a retirement home, this beautiful ride’s finally restored to all its former splendor. The British prime minister also used the car as he taught the first female MP, Lady Astor, the art of driving an automobile. Brought back to life by restorer Charlie Tope, the car is estimated to be priced at about £250,000 ($390,000) today, with the car having also served as a recovery truck during the Second World War! All in all, this car packs enough historical trivia to fill a few pages of a history book and is bound to have car collectors scrambling over one another when it finally hits the auction room.