World’s biggest airport in China will be as large as Bermuda island

Sure airports are meant to be large and spacious, though one the size of an island in the North Atlantic Ocean is sure as hell good enough to catch our fancy! The size of Bermuda itself, the new airport in Beijing planned by the government will be the largest in the world when completed, that’s if no one else decides to build island-sized airports around the globe. Due to be completed by the year 2015, this one will be Beijing’s third airport and will cover a total of 54 square kilometers with nine runways, handling about 120 to 200 million passengers every year; the Daxing airport will be located about 50 kilometers southwest of Beijing, in Nangezhuan. And that’s not all! To keep the passenger flow intact between the airport and Beijing city, an expressway and a high-speed rail link will be built too!

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