Worlds most expensive streets!

You may be a billionaire living in a posh locality but you are a true billionaire if you own a house in any one of the locations mentioned below. A survey conducted by Wealth-Bulletin, a United Kingdom-based online news and analysis provider for the global wealth management industry has come up with the world’s top 10 most expensive streets. You got the moolah show it to the world by living in one of these to-die-for streets:
1.Avenue Princess Grace:
– Avenue Princess Grace in Monaco has been named at the top with a price tag of $190,000 per square meter. You must have grasped what living here means.

2.Severn Road, Hong Kong:
Living in one of the world’s most expensive cities is anyway not an easy task but living in Severn Road is a different tale altogether with a price of $121,000 per square meter (sq mt) at second.
3.Fifth Avenue, New York City:
This is truly where I’d wanna be like a million others reading this. New York City’s Fifth Avenue is in third place with a price of $80,000 per sq mt.
4.Kensington Palace Gardens, London:
I think it is very aptly named as palace gardens, as living in Kensington is as good as living in a real palace or even better. It has had its stint with royalty too as it has been home to Late Princess Diana and NRI-billionaire Mittal owns three houses on this street famously called as Billionaires Row.
5.Avenue Montaigne, Paris:
If you dream of living in the world most romantic city then let your home be located in one of the most expensive areas too. Avenue Montaigne in Paris, ranked fifth at $54,000 per sq mt.
6.Ostozhenka, Moscow:
Though a little is difficult to pronounce, this place is surely one of the best to be in. Moscow’s Ostozhenka stands sixth at $40,000 per sq mt.
7.Via Suvretta, St Moritz:
When in St Moritz make sure you do go via Suvretta literally. Living in this place may be a dream but seeing it is very possible. Via Suvretta in St Moritz ranks seventh at $38,000 per sq mt.
8. Carolwood Drive, Los Angeles:
Touted as one of the most expensive places in Los Angeles, Carolwood Drive is the eighth rank with a very pricey $30,000 per sq mt.
9. Wolseley Road, Sydney:
Wonderful, picturesque, and very expensive, that’s what Wolseley Road can be defined as. taking the penultimate position it costs $28,000 per sq mt.
10.Altamount Road, Mumbai:
With India’s richest person unveiling plans last year to build a residential apartment block on the street at a cost of around $2 billion, Altamount road has prices escalated to as high as $25,000 per sq mt.
I think I just discovered a measure of success. If you own a house or a piece of land in any of the above-mentioned streets, you know you have truly arrived!