Yacht&Jet Life Program makes air and sea travel easily accessible to globetrotters

Cruising in style is not enough for some people, and it is always crucial to have access to private jets while on the sea. Floating Life and Blue Jet Capital seem to have understood this dire market need among the well-heeled and launched the Yacht&Life program, a joint venture between the two companies that will assist in production, refitting, charter, and brokerage of private and business jets alongside super-yachts. The idea is to make private aircrafts and super-yachts accessible to the well-heeled and private flyers without them having to contact different companies for managing their pre-owned super-yachts or luxury jets. On the other hand, the luxury travel program also helps the affluent to combine a relaxing cruise with the glamour of five-star jet travel.

The key take-home of this managerial partnership is that the owners will now have access to a bouquet of air and sea services under unified management. The unified management under Floating Life and Blu Jet Capital assists in creating custom-made ships and aircraft while also helping owners with interior refits and modifications for jets and yachts.

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[Via – Floatinglife]