Yankee stadium gets a luxurious makeover for $1.5 billion

I am not a baseball fan, so the Yankee stadium’s renovation has really not affected me in any way. But the average baseball-loving fan will definitely be affected economically if he wishes to watch a game at this newly renovated stadium. The new stadium that cost $1.5 billion to construct is a complete contrast to the good old stadium we used to. A playground for the rich and the famous, it surely would take weeks for a visitor to digest all of its amenities and architectural marvels. With the luxurious makeover, even prices of tickets have gone way up. The most expensive seats have a $2,625 price tag, while there are some less expensive yet unaffordable seats with a price range of $600-$800. The new stadium has shocked quite a few.

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After visiting the new renovated stadium, Keith Olbermann, of MSNBC fame, said, “Yankee Stadium felt like a library — or at best, exactly like a spring-training game.” It even has vast caverns to escape if you want to hide from people or the media, one of the highest tech stadiums. You can also send messages to others from the personal computer in your stall. With its premium seats, the new Yankee stadium has surely taken the fun out of this game.
Come on, guys, a game of baseball without a loud and noisy audience and a few brawls are just not fun.

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