You can now buy a private tour of the Louvre Museum in Paris for $34,000

The iconic Louvre Museum in Paris is every art lover’s ultimate fantasy. However, with tons of tourists flocking in to see the museum’s offerings each year, your tour to the place can get a tad bit compromised. Unless you have $34000 to spare and have the entire art field to yourself. Yes, that’s right! You can now access the Louvre privately and beat the odds of the 23000 people who visit it in flocks each year!

The intimate experience is being offered by Family Twist, a Paris-based travel company that specializes in luxury trips to Europe. As part of the private tour, your troupe of four can experience the Louvre in an unparalleled fashion with guided sojourns and performances galore! Guests opting for the luxury deal are picked up from their preferred destinations and date at 6.30 pm and are first guided through the medieval section of the building. They are then greeted by an art historian and are handed cue cards for their journey ahead. At the end of the blissful rendezvous, they are taken back in a private riverboat with Champagne, cheese, caviar and the breathtaking views along the Seine keeping them company.

The 90-minute tour covers the museums highlights such as the Venus di Milo, Jacques-Louis David’s The Coronation of Napoleon, Paolo Veronese’s The Wedding at Cana and not to mention the Mona Lisa. It also includes a specialized ballet performance on the staircase leading up the Winged Victory of Samothrace. So, if you an ardent art lover with $34000 to give away, Louvre’s up close and personal tour is what you need to spend it on!


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