You can now experience the North Pole onboard a luxury ice breaker

While Travel is currently on hold in major parts of the world, here are some goals we can look forward to for the near future. In fulfilling the ultimate dream of a luxury and travel connoisseur, Luxury tour company – Ariodante is all set to launch private Arctic circle tours aboard a massive 232-foot icebreaker yacht. Yes, that’s right!

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The once in a lifetime expedition features supervised swimming with orca whales, polar bear, seal, whale, and penguin sightings, viewings of the Northern Lights, helicopter and submarine explorations, and locally-sourced meals prepared by a private chef – aboard the private luxury yacht titled ‘Legend’. The mega cruise includes a variety of luxurious amenities, such as a movie theatre, swimming pool, gym, and a Balinese spa with sauna, jacuzzi, and beauty salon, and is designed to accommodate 22 guests at once.

Tours will start in Svalbard, unless the client requests otherwise, and can be led to all locations in the Arctic Circle. Clients will further be able to create their own itinerary and will be accompanied by two experts enabling guests to learn about the Arctic Circle, in addition to a full crew with experience sailing the Arctic. Private charters onboard the mega yacht are available from July 2020 – February 2021, however, the dates are dependent on travel restrictions being lifted. All said – an Artic experience cannot get better than this!

[Via: Ariodante Travel]

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