You can now watch New York City rise up to the sun from the iconic Empire State Building

One of the simplistic pleasures of life is to see the sun break its brightness into the early morning sky. While this is a common sight for early risers, night owls too will make an exception if they get to view the sun rise over their heads from the insides of New York’s very legendary- Empire State Building! Beginning October 1st this year for a very limited period of days, New Yorkers will get a chance to experience panoramic sun rise views from this 1454-foot Midtown Manhattan landmark.

Only a lucky count of 100 will get to make it to the building’s 86th floor Observatory for the “sunrise experience”. For making the most of the tour, observers will have to come in half an hour before dawn and wait in the sweet anticipation for the sun to rise. For those who wish to bask in the 360-degree open-air view a little longer can enjoy a delightful breakfast post the sunrise for an additional $ 25.

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While hundreds of visitors and locals make it to the Grand Canyon each day for a sun rise experience, it is the very first time in history that the iconic Empire State Building will be open for such viewing. Earlier in the year, the building also launched premium guided tours for visitors. This first of its kind experience will be made available from the first of next month until November 20th for $100. For those visiting New York on later dates and eagerly wishing for an early morning view of the big apple, there is news of an extended run of the experience soon!

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[ Via : Mentalfloss ]