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Why Luxurylaunches –
Launched in April 2006, Luxurylaunches is a veritable luxury lifestyle website that has a dedicated team of writers that have been curating a list of finer things in life to share with our affluent readers. With more than 24,000 posts published till date, which span across categories that include Art, Gastronomy, Gadgets, Travel, Fashion, Fittings, Watches and Cars, Luxurylaunches is the one-stop destination for the affluent customer.

Our commitment has earned us a reputation of one of the leading luxury blogs and we have also been voted amongst the top blogs in the world in Lifestyle, Autos, and Travel category by Technorati.

Luxurylaunches is frequented by thousands of lifestyle enthusiasts daily with a majority of them hailing from North America and UK.

So how do I get featured on the publication –
There are multiple ways to get your business featured on Luxurylaunches. Some of the most popular options are guest blogging opportunities, editorial reviews, interviews, bespoke posts, competitions and direct advertising.

Drop us a note at – [email protected] and we will be glad to provide you with further information.