10 outrageous luxury watches from 2015

Richard Mille Tourbillon Fleuer
Richard Mille’s first flying tourbillon, this watch is a beautiful piece by the brand known for fantastical design sense. Feminine in design, but most certainly for men and women at 45.4mm wide, this watch is absolutely stunning both inside and out. Really, any Richard Mille is a luxury statement piece but we think this one was the standout for the year. It carries a price that stands out, as well, at $1,090,000.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia
This watch is the ultimate crossroad between mechanical fascination and traditional luxury. Meant to dazzle in every way, the Jacob & Co. Astronomia is an over the top success of design, luxury, and horology. Unexpected in the best possible way, we think the images say more than we ever could. A decade after Jacob & Co. is still on top of their game, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The price for the non-diamond version is $566,350 and $1,004,800 for the diamond version.

Antoine Preziuso ‘Tourbillon Of Tourbillons’ Triple Tourbillon Watch
Attention is merited when a great watchmaker goes so far as to name a watch the “tourbillon of tourbillons.” This piece is a feat of mechanical indulgence and visually beautiful in a way that only few people can truly appreciate. One of the finest high complications of the year, it is priced at about $320,000 without diamond and $420,000 with diamonds.

Montblanc Collection Villeret Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères Vasco Da Gama Watch
A modern take on what a highly complicated watch from the past might have looked like, this watch is someone’s luxury dream world come to life. A pure fantasy watch, this piece doesn’t really need any historical reference to be cool. A bold statement piece, the Vasco De Gama shows how classic design elements have remained salient while it also pushes the boundaries of creative expression in watchmaking. It begs more questions than it answers and we love it for that. Just 18 pieces will be made, at a price of about $272,000.

Greubel Forsey Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar
A wildly complicated watch, this piece is actually incredibly useful and easy to use. Designed with the highest grade of finishing and care, this is a true piece of horology. Remarkably easy to set and read, this watch was a lock to be on this list. Vastly complex and sophisticated, but something even a child can read. Price is just about $670,000.

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